1. The start of the BRAVO blog

    A new day has started and with that we see the beginning of the BRAVO blog. Here we will bring to you all the very latest in news, information about the very man himself - DJ DINO BRAVO.

    DJ DINO BRAVO is already highly interactive with social media and the the BRAVO blog will be an extension of the platform to which people can connect. Find the latest pictures and video from events, links to helpful sites (for the budding DJs), tips, (maybe even some tricks), upcoming events, plus loads more!

    Watch out for competitions, giveaways and some mad opportunities to get your hands on some sensational stuff.

    What’s more you ask? It’s time to get the people of the world talking! Not only will you be able to find the great stuff you are looking for on here but we will also be talking about some really important things that we feel affects everyone and of course we want as many people to get involved as possible. It’s time to talk about what really matters!

    Let the journey begin…

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